What is Ayahuasca?

Hand drawn cooking pot on top of a fire with leaves brewing. Ayahuasca brew is custom made by our shaman trained in shipibo ayahuasca culture!

Ayahuasca:  An Entheogenic Brew From the Amazon

Ayahuasca (or iowaska) is a potent, psychoactive brew made of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine from the Amazonian rainforest.  In most brews, Psychotria viridis (or Chacruna) is the other significant ingredient.  Additional plants are often added to further customize the brew for specific ailments and intentions, which the practicing shaman and the offerings of the rainforest determine.

Ayahuasca is a highly regarded sacrament and medicine that has been used for thousands of years by indigenous people.  Its use ranges from anti-parasite remedy to life giving elixir, bestowing numerous physical and spiritual benefits to its users.  According to the Shipibo culture of the Amazon, drinking Ayahuasca is welcoming in “Koshi” energy, which purifies the body and soul and cures all physical ailments and emotional blockages.

What is Ayahuasca like?!

Much like Iboga, the Ayahuasca experience can be as varying as people are unique.  It is a deeply personal experience that taps into the makeup of your private psyche – your past, present, and future and how you make your reality.  For this reason, it is always a good idea to go in to your ceremony with intentions, not expectations based on experiences of others.

Nonetheless, there are still some common themes that happen frequently enough to mention, such as:

  • Deep feeling of connection to all life
  • Profound spiritual or religious insights
  • Deep feeling of being healed or loved
  • Purging
  • Giving up or letting go of old habits or old ways of thinking
  • Accessing different Dimensions (sometimes referred to as “the guy behind the curtain”)
  • Insights into the origin of humanity or of all life
  • Solutions to the looming apocalypse
  • Sudden desire to live healthier lifestyle

What if I have a bad trip?!

Some folks can have difficult periods during their Ayahuasca experiences, which in our observations only lead to more profound healing and insight.  In our view, we as humans are born into a culture that slowly imbues us with a lot of unwanted baggage: fears, depressions, sorrow, anger, jealousy, etc.  Maybe you have already recognized this and is why you have come to Ayahuasca in the first place.

Sorting through, accepting, or parting with elements of our dark side, which are closely linked to parts of our identity or ego that we hold dear, is not easy.  You should expect some disruption or discomfort somewhere along the line in your experience.  It is very uncommon that people change for the worse after taking Ayahuasca.  See more about Ayahuasca safety here.

I’m Still Nervous

One of the most important things to ask your self in deciding whether or not Ayahuasca is for you is “Can I wholeheartedly put my trust into this plant, this process, this unknown, higher intelligence?”  If your answer is yes, you will be in the ideal, beautiful mindset to receive the teachings and messages of Ayahuasca with patience and gratitude.  That way, nothing is rushed since that never works anyway.  To fully surrender is the way.  Perhaps you will still put up some resistance at some points, but this is just another way of seeing how you are.