Our Ibogaine Treatments

Oka Center Ibogaine Treatment: Two Worlds at Once

Our approach for administering Ibogaine is a marriage of two different worlds:  While we recognize the western clinical protocol as crucial for safety, consistency, and detox success, we also hold its traditional use in high regard.  After all, the birthplace of Iboga/Ibogaine is in the forest of Gabon where its traditional use dates back centuries.  We can say that the people of Gabon have far more experience with Iboga than their fairly new western counterparts and that the centuries of wisdom and intuition they possess – although communicated through a much different system of thought and rhetoric – comprises the bulk of human experience with Iboga as a medicine.  

Taking the most practically applicable, relatable and effective elements of each culture is our ongoing project with the goal being that anyone coming to Oka Center will experience a safe Ibogaine ceremony that respects their personal origin and the source of this medicine. 

A young man at night with a light shining on his face, facing a young woman face painting him with white paint to prepare him for an ibogaine ceremony.

More than Ibogaine: Transmedicine at Oka Center

Every new guest at Oka Center is freshly considered, and there is no standard protocol appropriate for every one. As a transmedicine center we have a few good tools in our toolbox, including Heantos, which is used in many detox programs. Oka Center also has frequent Ayahuasca ceremonies, which provide an excellent summary to our ibogaine retreats (extra charges apply).

A typical Ibogaine ceremony here at Oka is an homage to elements and attitudes of a traditional Gabonese Iboga ceremony, including preparatory intention and meditations/reflections, plant bath/cleanse, and Bwiti music.

At the same time, our nursing staff is present for all treatments, taking your pulse and vital signs and standing by with the necessary equipment and medications for any intervention needs.  All Ibogaine treatment ceremonies take place in an open air environment within close proximity to our main facility that is equipped with bathrooms and your bedroom.  If you aren’t sure or are uncomfortable with any of the elements of our protocol, we can alter them to better suit  your tastes and comfort needs.