Our Philosophy & Mission

Oka Center Ibogaine Lion

Celebration In Recovery

“Celebration in Recovery” is a reflection of our observations about what works and doesn’t work in Ibogaine treatment and addiction recovery. With cessation of drug use, many people sense a void in their life.  

We seek to mitigate this emptiness with celebratory activities and attitudes.  Just as humans celebrate the birth of a baby, expressing joy for the re-birth of individuals after Ibogaine that are now drug-free can be a crucial tool for lasting recovery. Ibogaine therapy can lead to a ‘clean slate’ upon which we compose a new lifestyle free of self harm, with self love in replacement.

Celebratory activities for recovery are for body, spirituality and psyche and include music and dance, meditation, most outdoor activities, yoga, developing family relationships, or creative work like making art or journaling.  Perhaps the most compelling celebration is in our own home community volunteering to help others in safe use and recovery.  Spreading joy and celebration to the drug using community brings iboga’s healing potential full circle.

11 Promises about Us and You.

  1. We embrace harm reduction philosophies and understand that no one is perfect.  Having a non-judgemental approach and receiving you as our brother or sister is our way.
  2. We are committed to providing safe, comfortable ibogaine detox sessions and therapeutic ceremonies.
  3. We conduct ourselves with high ethical standards in all matters.
  4. We use and endorse sustainable iboga and non-iboga (voacanga derived) ibogaine products.
  5. We feed clients and ourselves local, organic fresh foods and shun imported, processed and manufactured foods.
  6. We lead the ibogaine community in the effort to improve ibogaine’s visibility and popularity as an effective detox.
  7. We fully inform our clients the risks of ibogaine treament, and will not provide ibogaine to any client who is physically, spiritually or mentally unprepared.
  8. We help the community we are in by supporting local concerns, consuming local goods whenever possible, and providing employment.
  9. We do not discriminate based on sex, racial makeup, color, sexual preference, music preference, political preference or other individual distinctions or preferences.
  10. We are devoted to establishing “Fair Trade” iboga for the next generation of ibogaine users.
  11. We maintain working/healing spaces that are completely free of alcohol and other potentially addictive drugs and substances.