Ibogaine Spiritual Retreat at Oka Center

Spiritual Spark, Fire, and Embers

Hand drawn image of a person with roots developing out of their feet. Ibogaine spiritual retreat at Oka Center can open you to a new life path

People without experiential knowledge of spirituality are drawn to iboga for a spiritual jump-start. Iboga can awaken a stilted spiritual being. Significantly, iboga flood doses are administered to young people in West Africa as part of an ‘initiation’—initiating their spirituality, which is essential to their maturation and being part of the community.

Iboga is consumed by tens of thousands of people on a daily basis, as a Bwiti sacrament and as a supplemental food. Many of these people’s successful spiritual practice depends on the presence of iboga. They find iboga keeps open the channel of experiential spirituality and practical awareness.

People with damaged spirituality or a dried-up spiritual practice approach iboga. Practitioners of meditation, contemplation and prayer often experience distractions from the fear-based mind. Iboga can re-open the love-based channels needed for spiritual experience and provide more clarity to the origination of thought and how it relates to your sense of identity and how you behave.

Getting Unstuck In Life And Spiritual Practice

Many experienced plant medicine providers agree that middle-aged people are especially blessed by these consciousnesses. People in their 40’s and 50’s seem to have more potential energy behind maximizing the spiritual benefit of their ibogaine experience.   Whether or not the phrase “mid-life crisis” has any stigma attached to it, ibogaine therapy can be an excellent tool to apply during such a life phase.  Consider this excerpt from Peter Frank’s Ibogaine Explained:

“The fear-based mind takes over, and meditation is no longer effective. Ibogaine can still the fear-based mind.  I spent many years reading books by great spiritual teachers like Saint John, Nisargadatta, and Adyashanti. While part of me believed that they pointed to something true, another part of me doubted their message. I could not relate experientially to their teachings. My doubts held me back from truly committing. After my first ibogaine session, I experienced liberation from my thoughts and finally understood what these teachers pointed to. This freedom faded as the mind reasserted itself, but deep down, I was never the same. I knew that liberation was possible, and I pursued my  freedom more intensely than before. My meditation improved, I became more conscious of my repressed emotions, and I generally felt happier and more at peace.”

Iboga as a Psychedelic, Entheogen, and Visionary Plant

Iboga is not easily classified alongside other drugs or plant medicines. ‘Psychedelic’ describes some of the ‘trip’ aspects and visualizations, but fails to conjure the visionary, dream-like nature of an iboga flood. Iboga is frequently placed in the class of entheogens with ayahuasca and peyote, and has also been described as an oneirogen (inducing waking REM/dreams).  

In comparison to other entheogens, Iboga/Ibogaine’s effects and process are unlike anything else.  Taking into consideration the idea that Ibogaine induces waking dreams and REM, it can follow that what you see, feel, and experience during your Ibogaine flood results in deep, personal insights with a highly practical value.  Very often certain events and memories that have been hidden or submerged into your subconscious are revealed to you, and using these revelations to change or modify your thought patterns, outlook, and/or behavior is something quite common to folks who have encountered Iboga/Ibogaine.    

Your Flood Dose and Breaking Through

For your Ibogaine spiritual retreat with us you will be given what is known as a full flood dose.  Although flood doses used to be the standard with Ibogaine treatment, many clinics and providers have started adopting different methods such as micro dosing (aka staircase-ing), half flood doses, or anything in between.  

It is true that one of the most beautiful things about Iboga and Ibogaine is how dynamic it can be in addressing a variety of ailments through different dosing regimens.  Although we hold micro dosing in high regard and include it in all of our programs, it is our opinion that the experience and insight a full flood dose provides is the most significant and beneficial way of taking Ibogaine. 

In African/Bwiti terms, a full flood dose is most similar to Dissumba Bwiti which is known to be the direct pathway to god, spirit, consciousness, or whatever you like to call it.  In Dissumba, the initiate – or banzi – is given a substantial amount of Iboga in order to propel their spirit into a state of communication and connectedness to a higher awareness or entity (sometimes referred to as ancestors) to receive guidance.  What is seen, felt, or experienced by the banzi helps to unlock the principals of their personality and oftentimes the whole of existence, serving as a guiding presence or lesson for the rest of their life.  This usually means the banzi consumes 10 – 50 spoons of Iboga for initiation – sometimes even more.  In  western terms, we equate this to a minimum of 18mg/kg (with our 99.9% HCL).  However, it can go up to 24mg/kg depending on your history, drug use, or personality. 

Bwiti – Indigenous Plant-Based Spirituality

Gabon and Cameroon are home to about 300,000 practitioners of Bwiti, iboga’s religion. Bwiti is practiced in many forms, with each temple and each village exhibiting their own nuances of the liturgy. Bwiti is a forest-art and lifeway as well as religion. Practice of the Bwiti spirituality is barely possible without connection to the forest in some way. Iboga has caused a pronounced awareness and consciousness in its Bwiti practitioners, fostering an intense spiritual bond with nature.

Here at Oka we recognize that our western culture has in many ways separated itself from nature and that we have lost a certain kind of intelligence and/or awareness because of it.  Although our advancements in technology and industry have paved the way for more practical efficiency and comfort, the downside is that many of us have a hard time acknowledging or remembering where we came from and where we are going.  It is easy for us to feel alienated and lost in this jungle of a society that has been built with concrete, computer chips, and suffocating ethical standards and expectations.
What it means to survive in this environment often consists of values largely redundant or even detrimental to any sentiments or effort of being reconnected to the natural world or your natural state.  Our opinion is that Iboga, Ibogaine, and Bwiti can be effective in turning our heads and our hearts back to our natural state, or at least to help start us back onto this path. 

Ibogaine Spiritual Retreats at Oka Center!

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