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With Ibogaine, Opiate Withdrawals Are 80-100% Eliminated

Studies of ibogaine continue, but the evidence from experiences of thousands of opiate dependent folks and people in recovery is clear: with ibogaine treatment opiate withdrawal is gone or only a shadow of what is expected from a ‘cold turkey’ detox. It is not recovery in a pill, it is an addiction interruptor that provides an important first step in recovery.

Opiates: The Most Difficult And Long Lasting Drug Detox

Opiate withdrawal symptoms are the reason for relapse. Until ibogaine, there has never been a substance or process to alleviate or completely arrest withdrawals. Now, tens of thousands of drug dependent people have experienced withdrawal relief by undergoing ibogaine treatment.

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Long-Lasting Relief From Cravings Is Widely Reported

An ibogaine flood dose has been said to repair and restore  neurotransmitters and receptors to a pre-addicted state. This immediate correction means withdrawal symptoms are bypassed. What’s more, physical cravings are reduced or eliminated, as the receptors have forgotten the grasp of opiates. Psychological cravings are another matter. The desire to use opiates is not only physical. We are emotionally and mentally trained to depend on opiates, or altering our state in general. Sometimes ibogaine opiate treatment helps with that and sometimes it does not. This is why it is important to plan ahead.

Prepare for Post-Detox World: Life in Recovery Tips

  • Your Phone Is Not Your Friend: You were thrilled to get their number in the first place, but now the last thing you need is dealer digits. And remember they’ve got your number, too. Getting a new phone and phone number is an obvious smart move.

  • No Surprises: Have a ‘clean’ place to return to. After your ibogaine opiate treatment the last thing you need is to find a hidden bag of china white that’s in your leather jacket. Get help from a friend to clean your place before ibogaine treatment, or get a loved one to clean up while you’re gone.

  • Socialize: Find out about recovery meetings, meet therapists, find support systems. Your community probably has a lot more recovery activities going on than you thought. Finding a good therapist can take some time. You want to interview a number of therapists before committing.

  • Keep Busy: Volunteer, get a second job, work out or go back to school. You will be amazed at how much time you have after you stop drugs. Fill up those extra hours with commitments that you can keep and feel good about.

There’s much more to ‘sober living’ but these tips are basic.

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