The Low Dose Retreat

Musical, Meditative Low Dose Retreats

Low dose Ibogaine treatment, or “micro dosing,” is the best choice for those who want the benefits of Ibogaine without going through the epic and demanding process of a full flood dose. 

*This program is not suited for drug detox purposes.  

Ibogaine micro dosing does not typically induce intense, visionary experiences, but rather is best suited for those looking to continue or start a path of cognitive therapy, meditation, “looking inward,” or anything you could call spiritual evolution or learning.  Your stay during this program and your intention going into it could resemble how one would approach a meditation retreat in a way. 

In recent years, Ibogaine micro dosing  for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease has started to show great promise.  Read more here.

Taking ibogaine in this way will not compromise your motor skills or general day to day functioning, although there may be brief periods of wanting a “time out.”  Some of the benefits of micro dosing are: enhanced energy, better focus, clarity, practical and useful introspection, and a feeling of lightness and calm.  Some side effects are dehydration, periodic anxiety, and light visual “tracers.”  Nausea is rare.  

A bronze gong hung up outside between two trees. Oka Center Ibogaine Low dose retreat features sound healing and meditation.

Ceremony: Baths and Music

Music and Spiritual bath ceremonies will take up the bulk of scheduled offerings. Spiritual bath is the opportunity to correspond with the intense consciousness of the local flora.

Musical presentations are scheduled and ad-hoc and involve the sound therapy tools of Oka Center including gong, moungongo, drums and other percussion, while Bovenga sings traditional Bwiti songs.

More info here on bwiti music here!

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