The Ibogaine Heroin Detox 

Hand drawn heroin needle next to a burner. Ibogaine heroin treatment at Oka Center is one of the most effective ways to treat heroin addictionHow can a psychedelic work so well in helping to kick heroin?  Does it really alleviate heroin withdrawal and end cravings?  

The short answer is yes.  Research and anecdotal reports show that Ibogaine is perhaps the most effective heroin detox known.  Its miraculous, anti-addictive effects were accidentally discovered by a young heroin addicted Howard Lotsof who, in 1962, took Ibogaine out of curiosity. To his surprise he awoke the next day free of opiate withdrawal and cravings.  Lotsof dedicated the rest of his life to Ibogaine research and developed what to this day are still considered golden standards in Ibogaine therapy.  

Why Does Ibogaine Work? 

Ibogaine – the principal active alkaloid in the African rainforest shrub Tabernanthe Iboga – has been observed to act on multiple neurotransmitter sites simultaneously in the brain.  Among these are opioid receptors, which are said to be reset to a pre-addicted state after Ibogaine.  This is one of the main explanations for how Ibogaine alleviates 80-100% of heroin withdrawal.  

Another benefit to Ibogaine is that its psychoactive properties can provide a chance to confront the reasons that may have played a role in the person’s development of drug addiction.  In many instances people witness how and why they are harming themselves and others by tapping into submerged memories that are painful but ultimately lead to more self love and forgiveness.   

The benefits of Ibogaine continue long after the initial treatment due to the action of its active metabolite, Noribogaine.  Not long after ingestion, the liver converts Ibogaine into Noribogaine. Noribogaine can stay active in the body for up to four months and mimics the action of an anti-depressant, raising dopamine and serotonin levels.  This is responsible for the continued feeling of well being and the sustained alleviation of cravings and PAWS long after treatment.  It is during this time that aftercare is crucial, and it is up to the individual to stick with their plan and remain determined in order to stay on their desired path.

In our experience, the majority of people who use Ibogaine for heroin detox after repeated attempts at conventional treatment proclaim it as ‘the only way to detox.’  Conventional treatments for heroin addiction have proven to be ineffective for most.  Heroin addiction has shown to be one of the most difficult substance abuses to treat and overcome, and as the opioid epidemic continues to spiral out of control, many people are more desperate than ever for relief.  We believe Ibogaine has started to emerge as a legitimate tool in recovery at just the right time.  

What is the Success Rate of Ibogaine Treatment?

If you have taken it upon yourself to seek Ibogaine treatment, are paying for it mostly out of your own pocket, and have already taken action in setting up some form of aftercare, your chances for long term abstinence are great.  The window of time you have to work with after Ibogaine treatment (1-4 months), can give you a real chance at lasting sobriety.  Patience is a virtue when it comes to your recovery. Physiologically, it takes time for the body and mind to heal, but if you are determined to stay clean you will find a way.

Relapse rates are higher in those that come to Ibogaine expecting to be wiped clean of their drug seeking mentality without any effort on their part.  Ibogaine will most often not change the mindset of someone who is not wanting to help themselves.  Although brief relief will be experienced by almost everyone while at Oka Center, coming home is another story altogether.  You have to want it.  Every single sensory experience will be a trigger for you, and if you do not prepare yourself properly the odds are not in your favor.

If you are the loved one or close friend of someone in the depths of an opiate addiction, the chances of relapse skyrocket if you are the one pressuring them into an Ibogaine treatment (or any other type of addiction treatment).  For more information on ibogaine success rates, please click here.   

Is Ibogaine Right For You?

A firm intention and commitment by the participant goes a long way in maximizing the long term benefits of Ibogaine treatment.  The side effects and risks of Ibogaine treatment must also be understood before deciding if this is right for you.

Ibogaine is a potent psychedelic with hallucinogenic and oneirogenic effects.  The most intense psychotropic effects last for the first 4-8 hours where side effects can include nausea, vomiting, ataxia, shaking, buzzing in the ears, visualizations, and tracers.  Continued effects last for an additional 16-24 hours, with side effects being introspection, fatigue, loss of time sense, and sleeplessness.

Ibogaine is notorious for being unsafe, but the truth is that when screened properly, Ibogaine treatment is safe for those who are medically approved.  Certain preexisting heart conditions and liver conditions have proven to be contraindicated with Ibogaine treatment.  For anyone coming to Oka Center, an EKG and blood labs (liver panel and CMP) must be submitted prior to booking.  These are nonnegotiable requirements to insure healthy heart and liver function. In addition, some prescription pharmaceuticals are contraindicated with Ibogaine, so filling out your questionnaire with the utmost honesty is extremely important in insuring a safe treatment.

Ease of Arrival in Mexico: Intake Begins Immediately

Upon arriving for opiate detox you will be immediately attended to in order to remain comfortable. We reserve the right to have participants examined by our doctor at any time. Most participants will be subject to search during intake: use of opiates during treatment is dangerous. We reserve the right to discontinue the process of ibogaine treatment at any time. Your health is our primary concern.

Ibogaine heroin detox at Oka Center!

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