Ibogaine FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oka Center?

Oka Center is an ibogaine treatment center in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico. Our directors Bobby and David are accomplished practitioners with over 10 years of combined experience doing Ibogaine treatments for detox and spiritual retreats, and are also accomplished “ngangas” trained in traditional methods of Bwiti. We have performed nearly 800 safe ibogaine detoxes since 2008. MORE

What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is unique in its ability to interrupt drug addiction with minimal withdrawals in just a few days. Ibogaine is an indole alkaloid present in Gabon’s threatened iboga shrub. Oka Center’s 99.9% pure ibogaine HCL is derived from a sustainable source. MORE

What is the difference between Iboga, TA and pure Ibogaine?

“Iboga” is the traditionally used root bark scrapings, usually dried and powdered (4-8% ibogaine). Total Alkaloids (TA) is the simple extraction of alkaloids from the root bark (25-35% ibogaine). Iboga-derived ibogaine is TA with additional isolation of ibogaine (85-98% ibogaine). Ethically sourced ibogaine from voacanga (as used at Oka Center) is 99.9% pure ibogaine. MORE

What is the difference between Ibogaine and LSD & Mushrooms?

Ibogaine is in a distinct class with peyote, san pedro and ayahuasca. They are teaching plants which provide visionary, sometimes cinematic illustrations that contribute to emotional and psychic deep healing. They are also called ‘entheogens‘ for their potential to provide spiritual awakening. They are closed-eye perceptions. LSD and mushrooms are classic hallucinogens, providing an open-eyed look with new perception. MORE

How effective is Ibogaine in treating addiction?

So many variables need to be considered before estimating an individual’s chance with long-term recovery/abstinence, but a good percentage of our clients enjoy ‘significant clean time.’  Ibogaine itself does not usually change people’s mentality to such an extreme that it “tells” you to never use drugs again, however, it can be an effective tool that alleviates withdrawal and can give us more insight as to who we are.  MORE

What kind of medical staff is at Oka Center?

Our RN is trained and experienced in Ibogaine therapy and with emergency medicine and intervention. She is present full time during the acute treatment, and is used to working in tandem with our traditional approach.  We have an on-site “mini-clinic” with cardiac monitoring as the main priority, complete with an AED, ECG, intervention meds, defibrillator, oxygen tank, and push meds.  We enjoy an excellent safety record.  MORE

What are Oka Center’s medical prescreening requirements for treatment?

Every guest at Oka Center has passed our screening process which includes the submission of an ECG (or EKG), which is examined and approved by our medical director. Many clients must also provide bloodwork. Opiate dependent clients should immediately apply a bowel regimen, to ensure intestinal motility crucial to the ibogaine process. MORE

What will happen to me during an Ibogaine flood dose?

Individual experiences with ibogaine are surprisingly varied. About 75% of consumers of a full flood dose will have closed-eyed ‘visions,’ often very personalized. Side effects will include sleeplessness, ataxia and nausea. Some people also experience vomiting and anxiety. For opiate dependent people, the flood dose process will eliminate about 90% of withdrawal symptoms. MORE

Does Oka Center include microdosing in any of the programs?

Yes, we encourage participants to continue the work accomplished with their flood dose by microdosing. We also offer a Low Dose Retreat for those looking to benefit from Ibogaine/Iboga but without going through the demands of a flood dose.  Though Oka Center uses extremely pure ibogaine for our flood doses, microdosing is usually accomplished in the following days with our raw iboga root bark from our spiritual family in Gabon.

Is Ibogaine safe?  What are the risks?

With proper screening and medical supervision, we are here to say that ibogaine is safe. In fact, we have learned so much about safety and ibogaine that nearly every unsafe candidate is appropriately screened out. Because of ibogaine’s effect on the heart, flood dose treatments must be medically observed.  MORE

How does Oka Center administer ibogaine and what does a session look like?

Ibogaine capsules are administered at night, after a day or two of preparation. Some fasting is required before the evening flood dose. The participant is never left alone during acute treatment. Our RN monitors your heart rate and oxygen level throughout the treatment.  All preparation and ceremonies are inspired by our African initiations. MORE

What does Oka Center offer for support and aftercare?

We have a holistic approach to detox and recovery, and we believe effective aftercare is crucial to getting good outcomes from the ibogaine process.  Before departure, we strongly recommend one of our aftercare affiliates which can assist you in your life after Ibogaine.  Ibogaine is not a one step recovery process (despite its reputation), it is only the beginning, and the rest is largely up to you.  

While you are here, we support your experience and process with:  physical therapy, sound therapy, yoga, nutrition, vitamin therapy, excursions, hydrotherapy, traditional talk and group therapy, energy work, music, art, writing, and ceremonies.  .  MORE

What is the price for Oka Center Ibogaine therapy?

The average price for a short stay at Oka Center is $4,000 for addiction therapy.  With history of Methadone or Suboxone you may require a longer stay.  See our prices here.

What does the program at Oka include?

Your price includes all the offered daily services and therapies, personal airport pickup, all medications (and maintenance) required, other therapies, private room and meals, and an excursion to Chichen Itza, cenotes, and Izamal if desired. Not included: tobacco needs, personal grooming needs, junk food. MORE

What should I expect upon arrival?

All new guests are maintained as needed upon airport pickup, and after some preliminaries—orientation, paperwork, and personal and bag search—you’ll be shown to your private room.

I want to come to Oka Center!  What do I do?

It’s easy! Go here to fill out your questionnaire, or give us a call at 707-787-3025 to get the ball rolling….see you soon!