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Ibogaine Alcohol Detox – Shattering the Bottle

Oka Center offers the safest possible Ibogaine treatment for alcohol dependency:  Our unique 15 day program ensures that each participant will experience a safe, medically monitored detox, which is essential before ibogaine treatment. After detox, ibogaine treatment helps to address the root causes of the participant’s need to use alcohol.  Alcohol abusers are among the most generously rewarded by ibogaine treatment in our experience.

A Personal Story of Ibogaine Alcohol Detox

By Oka Center’s Very Own – Bovenga

17 Years Of Daily Drinking Ended With Iboga

Many problematic substance users, including alcoholics, can point to childhood trauma as a root cause of their self-abuse. In my case, pre-teen experiences of trauma led to a profound lack of self-esteem and an accompanying recklessness about my health. Finally, in 2006, I happened upon ibogaine treatment.

Finding a legitimate, safe and affordable ibogaine alcohol detox wasn’t easy for me. I couldn’t figure out why a powerful healer and addiction interruptor would be so obscure and seemingly unattainable. Back in 2006 my options were few. But iboga was ‘speaking’ to me, inviting me, and I exercised patience until I found the appropriate provider and setting for my ibogaine alcohol detox.

Finding The Self With Iboga

My ibogaine alcohol treatment was difficult. My provider told me I needed to be alcohol-free for a week before I could ingest ibogaine, and that was actually the hardest part. Being on my own, white knuckling it, waiting for my ibogaine treatment, and staying away from alcohol. I now know that taking time off alcohol is to be sure unnecessary health risks are avoided.

Once at the facility though, I was relieved. I was about to get the kick in the ass I needed to feel alcohol free and stay alcohol-free. What I was not expecting was the essential emotional and psychic healing I needed.  That healing was the key to my sobriety. I was using alcohol to mask and bury my traumatized self. I was using alcohol to make up for my painful sense of not belonging, and not being liked by other people.

Ibogaine Helps You Move On With Your Life

Iboga showed me I am like other people. We have problems. We have trauma, especially from childhood. We face a challenging life.  Iboga showed me it was okay to suffer, that it would be fine if you loved yourself, and cared for others. This gift was the blessing I really needed to stay away from alcohol.

Suddenly, I loved myself, which gave me the capacity to love others. It is striking that Alcoholics Anonymous also has this essential message: sobriety needs higher power. Ibogaine alcohol detox was the miracle that started my life anew. Alcohol is still something I need to stay away from, but that’s much easier thanks to a single 2006 ibogaine treatment, and the changes in my life it let me accomplish. 

Bovenga ——Alajuela, Costa Rica, 2013

Ibogaine Alcohol Detox at Oka Center!

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