Getting Here

Coming To Oka Center

(The screening and pre-arrival at Oka Center is simple when followed step-by-step)

1. Give us a call @ 707-787-3025

Our initial conversation will be about your expectations, realities and preparedness for ibogaine treatment. This is the ‘big picture’ conversation about what results might come from your intentions. It's time to talk about aftercare too.

2.  Fill out our Questionnaire

Fill out our online questionnaire HERE.  This will provide us with some simple information about you for us to refer to before and after your intake. The form is encrypted, so be honest.

3.  Medical screening 

Before booking your trip you can email us your EKG (or ECG) and in some cases blood work (a CMP and Liver panel).  If you wait until you are here to have your EKG done at Oka Center you must know that 1-3% of people are denied based on preexisting heart conditions. 

Once we receive these from you they will be submitted to our medical director for approval.  *Medical screening with approval from our doctor is required before any administration of iboga or ibogaine. A small number of people are not good candidates for iboga ceremony and will be refused treatment.

4.  Get on our Calendar

Time to check your passport: if you have one, it must not expire within 6 months of your visit. If you need an expedited passport, check out sites like and We operate year-round.

5. Pay a Deposit

A $500 deposit is refundable if you cancel your booking within 10 days of your planned arrival. CLICK HERE to make your payment easily through PayPal.  If you are unable to pay through PayPal, please give us a call to set up an alternate method of payment.

6. Prepare and pack for your stay

We will provide some packing tips, airport instructions and other useful details for your visit. It’s also a good time to prepare yourpost-treatment environment. When you come back from ibogaine treatment, you will want an environment safe from stress, chaos and bad energy.  Tuition Balance due must be paid upon arrival at the facility. Bring cash for extra massages, junk food and cigarettes. *Bring $50 for EKG if you are not medically approved before booking.