Excursions and Adventures at Oka

Exploring the Mayan Yucatán 
Breathtaking Excursions at Oka Center (if you so choose)



Our new home in Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula is a place of mythical ancient history and breathtaking natural beauty.

In addition to being a little over an hour from the world famous site of Chichen Itza, we are also in close proximity to the incredible cenotes of the Yucatan.  These excursions are included in every program we offer.


Cenote “Ik-Kil”

From divecenotesmexico.comA “cenote” (pronounced say-NO-tay) is a natural sinkhole created where a cave ceiling has collapsed, a window to this spectacular world. Cenotes were the only source of water in the jungle for the Mayan civilization and are considered sacred by the Mayan people.

In a typical excursion, we first take you to Chichen Itza and then to Cenote Ik-Kil, which is the perfect cool down after walking Chichen.  

On the way back to Oka Center, we stop at Izamal – “La Puebla Magica” for dinner and perhaps to see Pyramid “Kininch Kak Moo”.


Beautiful Izamal

There is a certain tranquility about Izamal and its epic convent, CONVENTO de SAN ANTONIO DE PADUA,  with the best sunsets in the state, making it a perfect ending to the day   

On Campus Excursions

Oka Center Adventure

There are 20 km of easy nature trails at Hacienda Oka. Nature walks occur every morning at 8 o’clock and familiarize the walkers with the unique Yucatán ecosystem.

We also explore a landscape transformed by aggressive nature: the now defunct henequén industry:


henequen factory

Just behind the residential hacienda is this 19th-20th century processing factory for the ‘green gold.’ It is in a ruined and fascinating state.  Its intrinsic energy was the productive focus of this land. 

…A larger, more grandiose factory and hacienda are a half mile walk.  A simple Mayan village is also a half mile walk.