Ayahuasca After Ibogaine at Oka Center

An Ayahuasca vine suspended in mid-air, surrounded by foliage.At Oka Center, we advocate for transformative plant teacher experiences and have aligned with a Yucatecan ayahuasca brew master and ceremonial leader for our Ayahuasca ceremonies.

(Ayahuasca photo by Paul Hessell)


What to expect from Ayahuasca after Ibogaine detox

Many participants are choosing to use Ayahuasca ceremony as a completion of their Oka Center Ibogaine experience. Even after ibogaine treatment, systemic recovery for many neurological systems can take time. The seratonin levels of a heavy drug user are particularly out of whack, and after the accomplishment of being un-opiated, can use ayahuasca to restore beneficial seratonin levels. What we see is that this process significantly reduces depression and negative thought processes.

Iboga & Ayahuasca: Master plant Siblings

Iboga and ayahuasca each have their enthusiasts, and the (much larger group) of ayahuasca drinkers are discovering iboga and ibogaine. Both ibo and aya are entheogens, god-bearing plants, being experienced by increasing numbers of people. Both seem to send dreamy messages to people, right out of Alice in the rabbit hole: “Eat Me” or “Drink Me.”

Visionary Journeying is the most significant shared feature of iboga and ayahuasca. This places them in a particular class of visionary or journeying plants, along with peyote, perhaps.

People attribute incredible, sometimes unlikely, healings to both plant medicines.


What Do Aya & Ibo Have In Common?

  • Both iboga and ayahuasca have a unique and characteristic ‘plant teacher.’
  • Both are emotional and personal for their consumers.
  • Both provide visions rather than hallucinations.
  • Both cause nausea and vomiting in many cases.
  • Both have ancient and recent liturgical set and settings including music.
  • Both have a tradition of shamanistic healing.
  • Both have been turned to by desperate people.
  • Both are used by drug abusers as part of recovery.
  • Both are from the forest and are rainforest medicines, often with visions that include the forest.
  • Both are taken at night.
  • Both provide an afterglow.

I’ve Had Ayahuasca Ceremony. What’s Different About Iboga Ceremony?

Time— Iboga and ibogaine flood doses result in a visionary period of 6-10 hours. The journey continues with sub-acute visions and intense introspection (still laying down) for another 6-18 hours.

Physical Abilities— While on iboga you will not be able to move out of your prone position without assistance. We are here to hold you safely throughout.

Recuperation— Recuperation time varies, as with ayahuasca, but in general 36-72 hours after ingestion, most of the consumer’s strength will be restored.

Length of Afterglow— The period of improved neurological performance, resulting in a good mood, varies between 2 weeks and 2 months. Avoidance of alcohol after iboga ceremony is recommended, as it seems to abbreviate these anti-depressant effects.

Need of Attention— We are conducting ceremonial work, but iboga can be dangerous. Special screening needs to be done and physical response to iboga must be monitored. Oka Center has full-time nurses and a doctor on call.

Force of Experience— Most people experiencing a full dose of iboga or ibogaine call it the strongest drug they’ve ever taken. Unlike ayahuasca, most people consume it only once or twice in their lives.

Number of Participants— Whereas ayahuasca circles can accommodate many people, iboga ceremony is for one, two or at most three participants.

Quality of Experience— There is some disagreement, but generally iboga is said to be masculine and fatherly, compared with the female-mother of Aya. This difference may be very marked in the strength of an iboga flood dose.

Experiential Themes— Visionary themes on ibo run the gamut, but it generally provides visual themes that are earth-bound– not the other-dimensional, extraterrestrial nature of ayahuasca. For iboga the earth, creation, the forest, the waters, Africa/Africans, Humans and Animals are all common visages.


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